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Pima Micro Yacht Club is devoted to the building, sailing and racing of radio controlled model sailing yachts, to the encouragement of others to join us and to simply having fun.

Membership in the Pima Micro Yacht Club is open to anyone who shares the goals of the organization. Adult membership includes: Skipper, Crew (spouse) & children, eligibility for one boat entry per fleet into PMYC monthly scored races, one vote in the affairs of the organization, and club members contact information.

When you hit the Submit button at the bottom of the form, your request will be sent to several Club members for followup. You can expect to hear from us with in a day or so.

PMYC annual membership dues: $20.00 (cash or personal check made payable to “PMYC” due between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 of each year) or $10.00 for joining after June 1 for the remainder of the year. First time members pay an additional $15.00 for a copy of the PMYC racing rules booklet. Give your monies to our Commodore or Treasurer, or you can send it to:

James Haines
7860 E. Benson Highway, #163  Tucson, AZ 85756

Note: on November 1 of each year, all members owe their dues. Their “Record Status” in the Member Data Base changes to “Dues owed for current year”. Beginning on November 1, the PMYC Treasurer will begin notifying everyone that dues are owed and payable no later than December 31.


Security is a concern of ours. At the moment questions are being raised about the security of our membership list. So, pending its resolution, it is not accessible. If you want the phone number or email of a member, please contact our Commodore or Treasurer.

You can use the form below to register with the Club. You will notice that most fields are optional. Please recognize that if you do not provide an email address and/or phone number we cannot communicate with you.


PMYC Membership
This field is set to " Membership Application" when it is first completed. When the person pays their dues it is changed to "Member" by the person processing the dues payment. As noted friends do not pay dues. if the status changes to "No Longer a Member" the "Reason for Discontinuing" field at the bottom is filled in.
When this record is created, the date will be the date of that creation. After that, the date is changed by the person changing the status to be the current date.
If you want to include a middle name, do it here.
Include Jr., III, etc here.
One address. Specify it as a winter or summer address below.
This is asked so that we can determine whether you are in Tucson during the summer
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