How do I register my boat?

Call the AMYA Class Secretary corresponding to your boat class. Click here for the Micro Magic. You can request and will usually get the last two digits of your sail number. Make an arrangement to pay for the registration (about $7). Your full sail number will be sent to you via email with instructions on how to use them. 

Building a Micro Magic

Graupner Instructions – MK2

Model Yachting Magazine

Issue 159, 2010, Pat Buttersworth

This article contains hints and ideas for building. This document was scanned from the magazine. It’s images are difficult to interpret. But, if used with the Graupner instructions the images become more understandable.

Micro Magic Build Model Yachting #159

Issue #162 (entire issue), Winter 2010

The entire magazine was devoted to the Micro Magic. For the near future, you will have to find a Club member who has the magazine.

Magic Micro Website

Step-by_Step Instructions

Micro Magic Parts List

Micro Magic Purchase Sources

There are three sources for the Micro Magic. In each site, search for “micro magic”. I have asked Bill Brown to fill in the details.

Graupner USA – The website indicates that the MM is out of stock with availability now set for mid-May. As of now (Mar. 4, 2010) GraupnerUSA has indicated that they would extend PMYC a Club discount. We’ll see when mid-May comes nearer.

Tower Hobbies –

Note: Tower Hobbies currently (Feb. 15, 2017) shows this item Temp. Unavailable.

The GraupnerUSA sales rep told me (approx. late Feb, 2010) that Tower Hobbies gets their product from GraupnerUSA. So, presumeably the MM will be available from both sites at about the same time.

Cornwall  Model Boats – Bill Brown just paid $203 for a MM kit including UPS shipping. Cornwall site indicates no kits in stock with the following note:

“Once Again dealing direct with Graupner – Orders every 2 weeks.”

Communications between Jerry Robertson & Mike Eades of Litchfield Park

Mike is a well known model yacht racer of multiple classes, including the Micro Magic. This post contains the content of Jerry’s email exchanges with Mike over the past six months. Jerry R. approved of me adding this exchange to our website.

Jerry wrote to Mike:

1.  Sail rigs.  How many do you use and which ones?
2.  The maker of the sails you are using?
3.  Does each rig have its own mast and booms?
4.  Does each rig mean both jib and main?

Mike responded:

A great weekend of MM sailing in Colorado! If you ever get a chance to sail at an event with the Azura MYC in Paonia, CO do not miss it!

Sorry about the missing attachment I do that a lot. Here it is! (Jerry W. – I’m not sure we have the attachment here. If not i will add it later.)

Either the Graupner.DE site or the RCZeilen.NL site is a viable supplier. I ordered a RTR MM from the Graupner site and it came with no problems. I have ordered some parts from the Dutch site, easy order process but they have not yet arrived. I expect them some time this week.

As to your questions below:

  1. I have 5 sail rigs A-E. A rig is used most of the time but I have used A, B, C & once a D rig in US events and once or twice D & E rigs on our home pond in a good blow. I got the full set for competing in Europe where winds are typically much stronger. I sailed there once with a borrowed boat starting out in D rig and going to E rig. The boat behaves fantastically planing downwind in E rig! Up to you how many to get but you will get most use out of the A rig.
  2. For my latest and best boat I got a set of 5 “Graphite” rig kits from John Tushingham, UK who loaned me the boat I mentioned and I sailed with him  and Mike Weston, the builder of my boat, in Europe twice. He builds very nice rigs with some excellent innovative components but he is not a good supplier in general. Several skippers got frustrated with his unresponsiveness to emails etc. I have attached copies of his rigging plans for your information which are helpful guides to see how to build your own rigs. You can duplicate most all of his components from other suppliers with a bit of time and expense. I recently got a new suit of A rig sails from Catsails, UK, Nigel and Sue brown are excellent attentive suppliers. I especially like the fact that they will build an A rig suit out of Icarex which is polycarbonate-coated rip stop polyester in very lightweight cloth that does not crease easily and is soft enough to reform the shape with very light wind shifts whereas Trispi or Mylar used by other sail makers is too stiff for an A rig in my opinion.
  3. All my rigs are complete with spar, gooseneck and booms for quick rig changes.
  4. Each rig consist of jib and main.

Hope this is helpful?

Jerry wrote:

The need to have and change so many rigs has really cooled my interest in MM.  Because of that I am going to pass on the MM project.  Such a shame because It is a beautiful little boat and I was really looking forward to sailing with you and the other fast guys out your way.  Thanks so much for your effort to bring me up to speed with all the info you have sent.  If the rules ever change to allow only one or maybe two rigs I could go with that.  An unlikely change I am sure.
Thanks again,


Mike responded:

That’s too bad, most skippers have only the A rig but a set of 3 rigs would cover over 90% of the likely sailing opportunities.

Micro Magic Pricing – Estimates

There are two versions of the MM. One is a kit, the other is an almost ready to sail fully built boat. The Kit price appears to be $179. The ready to sail boat appears to be $300 — a $120 difference.

The question is, is the $300 worth it. This post gives some data to help you answer that question.

The Kit boat needs two servos and a receiver. To price out those items I used the Graupner items that are included with the Kit boat. The items listed below are “standard” with the ready to sail boat.

  • Kit – $179
  • Servo: Graupner DES 675 BB – $26
  • Servo:  Graupner DES 567 MG – $21
  • Receiver: Graupner GR-12L receiver – $33
  • Sails: Though i could not find any information about the sail color I have assumed that it is available in white.
  • Total to get the Kit up to the ready to sail version: $258

Several ready to sail alternatives present themselves.

  • Buy the ready to sail boat and add another $149 for the Tx – $300 + $149 = $449. ote: Based upon my current knowledge one would have to purchase the Graupner S1002.1 mz-12 6ch Radio [+$149.00] or similar as I could not find any evidence of a compatibility with any other radios that we already have, e.g. the Spektrums.
  • Buy the ready to sail boat and replace the Rx with an Orange Rx and use your own Spektrum radio – $300 + $10 = $310
  • Do something similar to the the first choice but with a different radio – HobbyKing Orange Tx/Rx – $75. The total price would be about $375

Alternative two above would be about $50 higher price than a do it yourself approach.

So, here’s the data. Your decision.

Links to sites and documents containing building information

Class Rules & Get a Sail Number

Micro Magic Class Rules

You can read the MM Class Rules at the AMYA website.

Get a Sail Number

Call the Micro Magic Class Secretary (See info below). You can request and will usually your desired last two digits of your sail number. Make an arrangement to pay for the registration (about $7). Your full sail number will be sent to you via email with instructions on how to use it. 

Micro Magic Class Secretary
Greg Norris
PO Box 1413
Paonia, CO 81428
970 210-4112