Model Yachting in Tucson, AZ

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Introduction to the Pima Micro Yacht Club (PMYC)

PMYC is all about modeling in the desert. We are a group of Tucsonans who love sailboats and, in there advanced years, have found model yachts a great way to continue the obsession.

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Race the Micro Magic or just sail it for fun with the friendly members of the Pima Micro Yacht Club
Sailboat people are fun to be around. Race the Micro Magic or just sail it for fun with the friendly members of the Pima Micro Yacht Club

Before we get into telling you more about PMYC we want to share some information with you about navigating the website on your computer and tablet/phone. (Scroll down a bit and you will find more about PMYC).

What are you seeing on your screen?”

Using Your Computer

The Micro Magic model yacht rides conveniently on the floor in front of the passenger seat.
The Micro Magic model yacht rides conveniently on the floor in front of the passenger seat.

If you are viewing this site on a computer screen, you will see two columns; the left one containing all of the narrative, the right one containing links to everything in the site.

Using Your Tablet – Horizontally (landscape mode)

In most instances if you are using a tablet-type device and have it setting on its long side, you will see the same columns as the computer screen.

Using Your Tablet/Smart Phone – Vertically (portrait mode)

A Micro Magics (red hull) is racing a Victoria.

In most instances, if you view this website with your tablet-type device vertical, you will see ONE column, the left one. The right column appears at the bottom of the page and is easily identified by the Search box and the “Where and When?” and “Post Categories”.

Introducing PMYC

The Pima Micro Yacht Club (PMYC) has been sailing in Tucson since 2011. We are an active racing club with up to 16 boats turning out for a day of racing. Casual sailing with a lot of chat with other members is easy to pursue. If you want to race, you can do so with the Micro Magic (more on this further down the page).

 Model Yacht racing is a little slow but it is challenging. Watch a model yachting race here.

To immediately look at posts on this website  click this link for all posts on the website with the most recent posts first.

A Micro Magic model yacht on display
A Micro Magic model yacht on display

Note: If you are using a computer you can click on any Post Category in the right column. For all other devices, e.g. phones, tablets, the Category list is at the bottom of the page)

PMYC’s Future

PMYC is experiencing a new era. At the beginning of 2017, after 6 years of operation, we changed our official Club boat class to the Micro Magic model yacht under the auspices of the  United States Micro Magic Class Owners Association and the American Model Yachting Association (US-MMCOA). The US-MMCOA is affiliated with both the International Micro Magic Class and the American Model Yachting Association, which is the governing body for model yachting in the US.

This Micro Magic has the challenging task of retrieving its own box that had blown onto the pond.

The US-MMCOA is established to help promote and administer the sailing and racing of this phenomenal little boat and support sailors who have bought one. 

While the Micro Magic is an excellent one-design model racing boat it is also an equally excellent boat for the casual day sailing enthusiast.

The Micro Magic is:

  • Remote control
  • 21” long
  • Easy to sail
  • Rides in your car on the floor in front of the passenger seat with ease
  • You can get one as a kit or in an almost ready to sail version.
  • It fits conveniently in front of the passenger seat.

The Micro Magic took Europe by storm! Don’t sit on the dock and watch. Get a Micro Magic and join the FUN with PMYC at the Reid Park small pond!

Micro Magic Model Yacht Kit  – build your Micro Magic from a raw kit and experience every detail of the process; or, build the ARTR kit where the details have been done for you. This is a much easier and faster build effort.



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