Welcome to the Pima Micro Yacht Club in Tucson, AZ

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PMYC is about model yacht racing in the Southwest desert of AZ. Sailing on the local ponds are a group men and women who love sailboats and, in there advanced years, have found model yachts a great way to continue the passion.

Feb, 15, 2019

PMYC is now 8 years old. During the first five years, we experienced impressive growth climbing to 32 members sailing the Victoria by 2016. Then, a misunderstanding within the membership resulted in the Club breaking into two parts several years ago. The break-off part continued to sail the Vic under the Tucson Model Yacht Club name while, the original Club retained its name and switched to the Micro Magic class.

Here we are, three years later. The two clubs are merging under the PMYC name. Two significant reasons exist to foster the change. We have found that having two clubs in Tucson, has resulted in confusion elsewhere in the country by people who were wanting to know about us. The other, is that the two clubs shared almost all of its members, the Vics sailing on Mondays, the Micro Magics on Thursdays on the same pond.

Most of the Victoria and Micro Magic sailors built there boats. It’s beginning to appear that new participants in our sport are much less inclined to build boats than our old guys. Our interpretation of this phenomenon is that we need a ready-to-race boat that is simple to maintain. Elsewhere in the country there seems to be trend toward the Dragon Force 65. Click here for the DF65 info.

So, back to the beginning. The two Clubs are merged and will sail the Victorias and Micro Magic, and, if all goes as we are thinking, the DF65 will become a part of our weekly activities. Doing a little planning ahead we decided to incorporate the DF6 into the website while the other changes are being implemented. 

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Micro Magic on Reid Park Pond
Bob Spraker launching his Victoris

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