PMYC Meeting Report – Jan. 18, 2017

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This was the first PMYC meeting of 2017. It’s purpose was to review its status as we had lost most of our regular skippers. The content of this post was taken in total from an email I wrote to members on January 18. it is a bit strange looking in some places because I just pasted the email into here. So, the email begins after the equal signs below. Note; you can talk to members who have been around long enough to remember why this status review was necessary. It will not appear on our website.


Thanks to the determined few who attended the meeting to discuss the future of PMYC. I am pleased to announce that, as of this time, it appears that PMYC will continue in existence. A lot will depend upon the responses to this email of those who did not attend the meeting.


This message gives the conclusions reached by the attendees.

Note: Remember five years ago, at a Club meeting, the members decided that those who attended each meeting were the decision makers for the Club on all matters needing member decisions. That meant there we were not requiring a quorum of members. Our decision was a good one as we have never had a quorum at a meeting. Thus, we were able to make decisions and keep our progress.



  • Jim Haines
  • Bill Woodward
  • John Malmberg
  • Jerry Robertson
  • Jerry Walker


Leland Doorenbos, John Albertson, Jerry King, Jim Malmberg, Bill Brown and William Bokken wanted to attend but could not. Bill Brown will return to Tucson in a couple of weeks. I reviewed the results of the meeting with Bill Brown and John Albertson. They are both totally supportive of the outcome of our meeting.


Although six could not attend, I am counting them in a measure of interest in the future affairs of PMYC.


The meeting attendees and those not able to attend represent about 60% of the 2017 paid membership. After the pathetic events of the recent past I am pleased and encouraged.



  • Total cash – approx. $628
  • Physical Assets (no values applied at this time)
    • Tribute and its battery chargers (has a market value)
    • Marks
    • Timer (has a market value)
    • Catamaran boat retriever (it’s location  is currently unknown to me) (has a market value)
    • White board


Topics and Decisions:

  • The Club is inactive, meaning that there will not be any organized racing in the immediate future. Jim Haines is going to notify the AMYA.
  • The checking account will remain open. As long as we maintain a balance of $500 we will not incur bank charges.
  • Tribute will be sold by Jerry
  • The physical assets will be retained. They are currently at Jerry Walker’s house.
  • The next Club meeting will be held in a few weeks to discuss last night’s decisions and address the future.
  • The website will remain active. Jerry W. is going to remove all Victoria-related information. The Contact Us page will remain as will all of the racing-related pages. He is also going to modify the Home page to contain info about out inactive status. People who contact me via the website will be told of the existence of TMYC and of the current PMYC status and our currently thinking about the future.
  • The Facebook page will remain with some words added to reflect the Club’s inactive status.
  • The Micro Magic will be the Club boat. Our preference is for it to be sailed as is out of the box. The implications of this notion need investigation. It appears that there is a version of the MM identified as V2 that is a racing version.
  • John Albertson’ has agreed to let us have his Micro Magic at the next meeting.
  • Jim Haines is also going to contact Mike Eades of Wickenburg, AZ a very active model yacht guy and highly knowledgeable of the Micro Magic to learn more about the class.
  • It was agreed that we will sail by the rules. Jerry W. suggested that we use the “Orange booklet” and his computerized version of it. He suggests that it is a very easy way to learn on-the-pond behavior without having to make a specific commitment to “learning the rules”.
  • Very importantly, Jerry W. committed to a “no yelling participation” in our future racing and to be a patient educator on pond behaviors.


The next meeting will be in about three weeks (we may want to slip that by a week so that Bill Brown can attend).


I will send another email announcing the date. It will be held at Jim Haines house at the Voyager Resort on Kolb Rd., south of Rt 10.


If you have any interest going forward in PMYC or the notion of having fun sailing and racing a Micro Magic please plan to attend the next meeting.


Please send me an email or send a text message to 520-461-6473 letting me know if you are interested in what I said in this message or just want to contribute your thoughts.


Micro Magic Specs:

Length: 530 mm (21”)
Width: 180 mm (7”)
Mast height: 980 mm (38+”)
Sail area: 1550 cm² (240 sq. in.)
Weight: 860 grams (less than 2#)

Graupner GR-12L receiver installed

Appears to require owner to purchase two servos.


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