Micro Magic Pricing – Estimates

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There are two versions of the MM. One is a kit, the other is an almost ready to sail fully built boat. The Kit price appears to be $179. The ready to sail boat appears to be $300 — a $120 difference.

The question is, is the $300 worth it. This post gives some data to help you answer that question.

The Kit boat needs two servos and a receiver. To price out those items I used the Graupner items that are included with the Kit boat. The items listed below are “standard” with the ready to sail boat.

  • Kit – $179
  • Servo: Graupner DES 675 BB – $26
  • Servo:  Graupner DES 567 MG – $21
  • Receiver: Graupner GR-12L receiver – $33
  • Sails: Though i could not find any information about the sail color I have assumed that it is available in white.
  • Total to get the Kit up to the ready to sail version: $258

Several ready to sail alternatives present themselves.

  • Buy the ready to sail boat and add another $149 for the Tx – $300 + $149 = $449. ote: Based upon my current knowledge one would have to purchase the Graupner S1002.1 mz-12 6ch Radio [+$149.00] or similar as I could not find any evidence of a compatibility with any other radios that we already have, e.g. the Spektrums.
  • Buy the ready to sail boat and replace the Rx with an Orange Rx and use your own Spektrum radio – $300 + $10 = $310
  • Do something similar to the the first choice but with a different radio – HobbyKing Orange Tx/Rx – $75. The total price would be about $375

Alternative two above would be about $50 higher price than a do it yourself approach.

So, here’s the data. Your decision.

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