Sail Day – February 10, 2017

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It was a beautiful clear sunny day in the 80’s, good even for Tucson this time of year.

We had four Vic’s and the debut of the Micro Magic. The MM is on loan from John Albertson of Green Valley a long time friend of PMYC. The MM got an approved rating from three of the attendees. It sailed respectively, able to keep up with the Vics in very light air.

There was no racing today as I forgot to bring the marks. My mind is out of the groove after not sailing for six weeks. But, no one cared. We sailed and chatted. When two boats came together a little competition developed. Comments were made about one boat or the other sailing well but no one really cared. It was a pleasant day to be on the pond.

We are going to move ahead with the purchase five MM’s. Graupner is currently quoting 4-5 week lead time.

I am going to contact Graupner to clarify how we best order boats.

Read the MM building instructions provided by Graupner.

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