PMYC Poster for the Hobby Stores

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This is the content of the poster that was delivered to the Hobby Barn and Ace Hobby today. In the next day or so, it will be delivered Hobby Town.

Pima Micro Yacht Club

Sailing at Reid Park Pond every Friday at noon
Call: Jerry Walker – 520-461-6473

Young or old, if you just like to jolly about, club-sail or race, and whether you are brand new to sailing or you are a weathered old seadog, Reid Park Pond is the place to be every Friday at noon.

Join us to sail the Micro Magic model yacht

• Remote control
• 21” long
• Easy to sail
• Rides in your car on the floor in front of the seat with ease
• Get a kit or an almost-ready-to-sail boat
Put a little magic in your life

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