Every Model Sailing Club Needs a Fishing Trawler

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In February, 2017, I obtained, on long term loan from John Albertson, a 36″ fishing trawler model offered by Dumas in 1988.

Some six weeks later, my drama with the boat has more or less come to an end. During this time i have had two instances of incendiary flashes which filled the house with smoke. Once was when i replaced the two 6-volt lead-acid batteries and turned on the system for the first time. The source was, apparently, a short circuit in the back-in-the-day speed controller (see that pic below). The second time was when i wired an electron speed controller backwards — immediate flash and smoke. Now, after spending about $80. just to have a little fun with a new toy, it runs properly — after a fashion. The speed controller is not quite properly matched to the batteries, but it comes close. Getting it into reverse can be a bit of a challenge but it will eventually go there. One would not want this challenge with a “real’ boat maneuvering in close quarters. But, that’s not my situation.

The closest it has yet come to water is in my spa. The next step is to get it to the pond on Friday for a race against the Micro Magic and the Vics. Only I know how that’s going to turn out.

Come to the pond on Friday to give it a spin.

Very old fashioned speed controller for an electric motor in a boat - PMYC

Very old fashioned speed controller for an electric motor in a boat.







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