PMYC Meeting Agenda – March 21

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Our next meeting is this coming Tuesday, March 21 at noon at Bill Woodward’s house.

Bring your lunch. Bill will provide water and soda.


  • Status of Micro Magic fleet size
    • On the pond – #58 (my boat)
    • Two under construction – Jerry R and Bill Brown.
    • Interest in purchasing
      • Jerry W
      • Jim Hansen
      • John Malmberg
      • Jim Malmbert
      • Others?
    • Boat building
      • We need each builder to document what they are doing; what internet info they are referencing, what changes they make and why. Everything will go on the PMYC website. (I will do the work)
    • How to promote the Club
      • Tucson Sailing Club
      • “old folk homes” – I can’t think of the right words – places were we can have an access to retired people who may want to sail
      • Sail on a weekend day once a month – perhaps it will encourage working age people to come out to the pond.
      • Article on Tucson Happenings website.
      • Same article in  newspaper
    • Micro Magic Class Rules modification for PMYC
      • One sail set
      • Kit mast
      • Kit sails – until we can evaluate the Chinese sails – reputedly not good. (JR comment!)
    • Club purchase boats for resale
      • Club funds could purchase 2 or 3 boats at a discount from GraupnerUSA
      • Resell them for the full price or perhaps more as an easy way to improve Club funding
    • Regular Club meetings?
      • How often?
      • Where?
      • Summer?
    • Look at our website Blog weekly. Our past practice of emailing information to members will not be used in the interest of making todays activities and decisions available to tomorrows new members. I will demonstrate our website on Tuesday.
    • Other items!

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