Model Yachts Retrieve a Box from the Pond

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Conditions were a little breezy at the pond on Friday. During the frivolities, Bill Brown’s Micro Magic kit box top was blown onto the water. Two Victorias and a Micro Magic made repeated attempts to push the box back to shore, an upwind challenge. Finally, after about five minutes, it was decided among the box top’s world-be rescuers to push it to the other side of the pond – a decision made easy because the wind was blowing in that direction anyway. The story ended well. The mighty little Micro Magic, skippered by Fred Secker, succeeded in getting it to

Two PMYC model yachts maneuver to return the box top to its owner.
Two Victoria and Micro Magic doing there best to get a box top back to shore

the shore where Jerry Robertson was patiently waiting.






Pima Micro Yacht Club Micro Magic out-sails the Victorias
The PMYC Micro Magic is carrying the day having maneuvered the box top near the far shore.
Jerry Robertson, a PMYC member completes the adventure of Bill Brown's box top.
Finally Jerry Robertson retrieves the box top from the water. This day will end well.

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