PMYC Perennial Racing Trophy

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Each year PMYC for the past three years PMYC has conducted a Winter Season Racing Series. This series is comprised of a monthly regatta, beginning in November and ending in May. During the 2015-2016 Winter Season a perennial trophy was designed and constructed by Bill Brown, one of our founding members.  The trophy is 7″ wide by 21″ high with plenty of room for nine years of winners. It is designed to be hung on a wall of each annual winner.

The winner of the 2015-2016 season was Bob Spraker, at the time a PMYC member.

As a result of a division of PMYC into two clubs, one sailing the Victoria model yacht (Tucson Model Yacht Club) and one sailing the Micro Magic (Pima Micro Yacht Club), there was no 2016-2017 series. Until PMYC has another winner, the trophy will hang on a wall in Jerry Walker’s den.  Jerry is PMYC’s most recent past Commodore.


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