PMYC Meeting Report – March 21

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Location: Bill Woodward’s Residence, Tucson, AZ
Time: 12:00 PM

Next Club meeting: April 13, 2017


Jerry Walker, Acting Commodore, Jim Haines, Acting
Treasurer, Jerry Robertson, Jerry King, Jon Malmberg, Bill Brown, James
Malmberg, and Club friend and Guest: Fred Secker.

Opening Statement

The meeting opened with Jerry Walker providing an overview of changes and updates made in the PMYC web-site. Emphasis was placed on accessing and using the site Blog. Regarding the current PMYC club membership, it was noted that seven  members have formally requested refunds of their 2016-17 dues. This issue needs both discussion and resolution. Sailing has continued weekly at the Reid Park small pond and has been regularly attended by six to eight PMYC Members. Due to the non-availability of Micro Magic kits, sailing participants have come to the pond with a variety of boats. One MM, however, has always been available for participants to experience the joy of sailing the new club boat.

Previous PMYC Meeting Minutes

None. Since the reorganization of PMYC, formal meetings and directional club resolutions have not formally taken place. It was determined by attendees that this meeting that this and future meetings will be formally recorded by an assigned PMYC Secretary


The agenda for this meeting was introduced by Jerry Walker.

Financial Report

The Club bank ccounts are held at Vantage West Credit Union

  • Treasurers Report:
  • Checking Account: $549.31
  • Savings Account: $5.00
  • Total Balance: 553.31

Jerry Walker is going to obtain PMYC business cards using the same format as the prior ones. PMYC gave out almost 200 cards over a several year period.


ISSUE: Jim Haines, Acting Treasurer PMYC noted that a new and
separate model yacht club has been formed – Tucson Model Yacht Club, Commodore: Kip North. Formation of the new club was announced at pond side in January when PMYC sailing members arrived at Reid Park for the regular Monday PMYC sailing. Sailors were advised that competing that afternoon at that location would require joining Tucson Model Yacht Club (TMYC). Dues were collected.

PMYC currently has 23 active members and seven individuals have elected to resign and join TMYC. The seven resigned members have requested and were granted a full reimbursement of their PMYC dues.
DISCUSSION: Jim recommended that PMYC assets be frozen and not be
compromised in any way. Members electing to join TMYC did so
independently and unconditionally. Those PMYC members present agreed
RESOLVED: When joining, PMYC membership dues are not prorated,
but, not refunded at a future date.

A Thanks to Jim Haines

A very sincere note of appreciation was extended to Jim Hanes,
Acting Treasurer, for his numerous contributions to PMYC – contributions
that have helped organize the development of PMYC. Obvious club
contributions would include Jim and Jerry Walker’s efforts in developing our club web site, managing club financial needs, building club boats (Tribute), and regularly contributing to monthly meetings and weekly sailings. On the pond, however, in the heat of nautical combat, it is Jim’s quiet demeanor that soothed the rage that flowed through the veins of us mere mortal sailors. We never saw Jim walk on water to retrieve a distressed vessel, but, we knew he could. Thanks Jim !!

Micro Magic Status

Currently there is one MM sailing on the pond. Two club MM’s are under
construction by Jerry Robertson and Bill Brown. Four PMYC members are
awaiting kit availability in the U.S.

Building the Micro Magic: Jerry Robertson presented his partially
completed MM kit boat. He discussed several problematic components of
construction and several of the kit’s short comings. Mast straightness,
keel / rudder alignment, and union of the deck and hull issues were
discussed. Bill Brown noted he has conducted trial test of seven different
ABS friendly adhesives These and other construction considerations will be addressed on the PMYC web site. Jerry and Bill will be contributing to the site as they progress in their construction.

Community Awareness of PMYC

Ideas for promoting community awareness of PMYC were discussed. Suggestions included: increased visibility at the pond and use of the media and presentations at community club meetings.

  • It was noted that our early -on “Show and Tell” presentations at  the Voyager community was successful five years ago.
  • Bill Brown would like to see better quality club signage / club recognition at pond side.
  • Jim Hanes volunteered to put together a list of potential
    community and city wide clubs, their meeting dates, and contact
  • Bill will pursue the pond side signage issue and present at the
    next meeting.
  • Jerry Walker renewed the Club’s event on the Tucson Happenings website.
  • Jerry Walker has approached the Star and Tucson Happenings to do an article on the Club.
  • Jerry Walker has communicated with the Tucson Sailing Club and has a tentative agreement to present at their next meeting – April.
  • A once monthly sail on the weekend might help to attract younger folk to our activity.

Purchase of Micro Magic Kits

ACTION: It was suggested that the club purchase two (2) MM kits (when they become available in the U.S.) To avoid availability issues, The kits would be sold at cost to new club members.
ACTION: When available, PMYC will purchase two MM kits.

Club Sailing Schedule

At the next meeting a decision will be made regarding the move of our sailing day to Wednesdays and to finalize our discussion about a once monthly weekend sail.

Future Club Meetings

ACTION: Monthly PMYC Membership
meetings will be held at 12 noon the second Tuesday of every month.
Location and directions will e-mailed to the membership and be posted on
the PMYC web site. Meeting Adjourned: 2:15 PM Next Meeting at: Bill Brown’s home

PMYC Website Status

The PMYC website was converted to a blog in January. Think of a blog as being a diary. It’s primary benefit is that it now gives us a means of recording Club events and actions and information and making it available to all members without the need to send emails. The problem with the email is that future members do not see them. Virtually all member communication should be done via a blog posting. Send anything you want published to Jerry Walker, our website master. Also, you can Comment on any post. You will find the Comment link at the end of each post.

The ability to have the website automatically send an email to our distribution list containing all new posts each day is in development. In the mean time members are encouraged to visit the site at least weekly and look at the posts made since their last visit. An email will be sent to our distribution list drawing attention to our Club meeting agendas and reports.

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