PMYC Meeting – Agenda – April 13, 2017

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Note: The format of this post is a bit clumsy. Bill Brown’s notes did not convert as accurately as either of us would have preferred. But, they are readable – after a fashion. Jerry Walker (April 10, 2017)

Directions to Bill Brown’s house

Our April Meeting is at Bill Brown’s home in Civano this coming Thursday 4/13/ 2017 at 12:01 PM.  The easy driving instructions are as follows:

Do NOT come in the main entrance to Civano

Go south to the Valero gas station and turn left.

Go straight through the first circle and left at the second circle.   –    So. NIGHTBLOOM WAY

Drive about 10 blocks or so to:    5272 So. NIGHTBLOOM WAY  –   Green house on the left with metal wall art,  yellow hand rail, five steps going up to the front door, and an American Flag waiving in the wind.

Park in front of the house, left side, on the dirt,  wherever is convenient.

Munchies and liquids will be provided.  Bring your own ideas and opinions.

Meeting Agenda:

Acting Commodore’s Statement:

Minutes of previous meeting:   Acceptance / changes

Treasurers’s Report:  Jim Haines

  • Discussion

Old Business:

Summer Sailing Schedule effective May 1   –  Day, Time, Location

Summer Membership Meeting Schedule effective May 1  –   Day, Time, Location

Refund of Dues to resigning members. (Clarification)

Publicity initiative

  • Bill Brown re: Pond side signage
  • Jim Haines  Re: Opportunities to have presence at other community and club meetings.

Clubs position on casual sailing and fun racing.

New Business:

Formalizing PMYC Policy and Procedure Document

Mission Statement

(Relating to:  having fun, social opportunities, education, model boat building and sailing.)

Definition of Club Officers

Responsibilities of Club Officers

Election of officers

Definition of Membership

Qualification for membership

Responsibilities of Membership

Communication with and between club members

  • Within the Membership
  • With other clubs / AMYA

Membership Education

Nautical Traditions, Nautical terms, Names of sail boat components, Basic rules of seamanship

Definition of the sailing season

  • Winter  –  Location and frequency of sailings and meetings
  • Summer  – Location and frequency of sailings and meetings

Marketing the club’s EC12 hull on Craig’s List  –  for $100 or so

Presentations:        Jerry Robertson and Bill Brown will present and discuss the current state of construction of their Micro Magic.  Problems encountered, and resolution of kit “issues” will be presented and discussed.

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