At the Pond – May 14, 2017

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Today started out just like any other day. A light breeze and a half dozen PMYC members.

Zaily really gets into model yacht sailing with PMYC
Zaily really gets into model yacht sailing with PMYC

When I arrived at the pond at about 11:30 there was a Mom and her 12 year old daughter: Zaily (I have no idea how she spells it). I immediately offered to let her sail my Micro Magic – after I did some tuning. She was a bit timid but did say – Yes. Fifteen minutes later I was satisfied with the boat’s performance. It was time to return to Zaily, who was still there. Again my offer. Although with a little hesitation she again said
– Yes.

I explained the relationship between transmitter stick movements and the boat movements, then gave her the radio. Within 5 minutes Zaily was making the boat go where she wanted it to go; well, at least most of the time. I discovered that this was not the first time she had had an rc radio in her hands. She has experience with an rc car owned by a relative. A half hour later, she still had the radio and was in another world. Then, the boat broke down – the jib tie to the boom broke. My fault. I had just replaced that tie-down this morning. It looked like I did not CA the knot.

While I was repairing the boat Zaily decided that going to the swings was more interesting than watching an old guy repair the boat. Zaily did not return.

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