Website Feature – Advanced Image Styles

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Website Feature, a Post category, is a means for me to keep you appraised of the capabilities of the PMYC website. Glance at each entry as they occur. Sometimes the postings with this category have no visible impact on your viewing experience; rather serving only to make it easier for me to maintain the site. More often they do impact your viewing experience.

The entries won’t be in the order they were implemented because many changes have occurred over the past two years that are not here. Over time I will add them and do my best to indicate when they were made.

If you have questions about new features let me know.

Jerry Walker
PMYC Website Administrator

Advanced Image Styles

Installed: May 2017

The Advanced Image Styles application facilitates the adjustment of the size and color of an image’s margins and border with ease. This will permit an easier integration of images into a page of text – something you will likely not be aware of when you read posts but which will save me a lot of time doing page development.

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