New Micro Magic For Sale by PMYC

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Get on the pond today with this new Micro Magic. This boat was built from a Graupner Micro Magic ARTR kit. It was used to help create the building instructions on the PMYC website.
It’s a lot of fun to sail and a whole lot easier to transport — it will stand upright in its cradle on the front or rear seat floor.

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Price: $350

August 2017

Reveiw the instructions for building this Micro Magic from the Graupner Almost Ready to Race (ARTR) kit.

This Micro Magic was assembled from an ARTR kit from GraupnerUSA according to the directions contained in the kit and the PMYC assembly guidance Post.

At the end of this post are a couple of pics of the finished Micro Magic. This boat is owned by the Pima Micro Yacht Club. It has been sailed one time in our Community pool; just to make sure it could. It is registered with the American Model Yachting Association. The registration will be transferred to its new owner at no cost.

The Graupner instructions are of little to no value to the assembly process. The assembly was based upon the myriad of materials on the Internet regarding this boat and my model yacht building experieince.

If you want the boat for pleasure sailing it is ready to go with the addition of a receiver and transmitter. These two items can be purchased new from your local hobby shop (Hobby Town in Tucson, AZ), or you can purchase them on the Internet from for about $80 (Tx: $70, Rx: $10). With patience, you can find a transmitter on the Internet.

If you plan on racing your Micro Magic, this post gives guidance on making the boat race-worthy. The weight of the boat as built ready-to-sail is 963 gm.  This post gives guidance on reducing the weight.

Price: $350

Contact: Jerry at

Typical Graupner assembly instructions - very little detail.
Parts of a Micro Magic ARTR kit.

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