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Micro Magic Class Rules and PMYC Modifications

Micro Magic Class

PMYC Modifications

PMYC Racing Rules

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  1. Gentlemen:
    I appreciate being included in your sailing last Thursday. I enjoyed getting to meet many of you, Jerry Walker, Jerry Robertson, Bill Brown, Bob Spraker and there were several others that I did not retain your names. As I mentioned at the time, I had never sailed a Micro Magic before and it was very enjoyable. We did have very light winds, but the sailing was fun and the company was exceptional. I hope to be able to come down again sometime. Maybe I’ll bring a DF 65 , DF 95 or Victoria. Please come visit HLMYC in Lousiville CO anytime that you are in Colorado. We sail every Saturday at 10am from April through November. Points races are first Saturday Victoria, third Saturday ODOM. We will be starting to sail DF 65 on the second Saturday using A rigs only. Thanks again for your hospitality.

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