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View the light side of PMYC. First and foremost, we want to have a good time with our model yachts. Our Club boat is the Micro Magic.

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Bill Brown’s Wooden Boat – October 2017

2017-10-03. Awaiting narrative from Bill.

Introduction to People-n-Pics

In this post I have brought together stuff from around our website. My focus when I went looking for topics was anything entertaining. I hope you like it. Add a Comment at the end if you would like to see some other topic included.

Launch of the First PMYC Micro Magics – May 2017

May 24, 2017

Its been a few months since the “explosion” of the PMYC Victoria sailing activities. Back in January a dozen of our most active skippers decided to split from PMYC to form the Tucson Model Yacht Club (sailing the Victoria). Left with almost no active sailors PMYC went through a quiet time as we contemplated the next step. Should we abandon the Club? If we continue how will we do so? At Bill Woodward’s strong encouragement, we decided to continue. During the early months of 2017 we had several Club meetings to discuss the future. We decided to migrate to the Micro Magic. Jerry began to immediately sail a MM on loan from John Albertson, a PMYC member.  Jerry Robertson and Bill Brown began building their boats. and Jerry Walker. Finally, on May 24, 2017 Jerry R and Bill Brown and Jerry Walker, the founders of PMYC way back in 2011, launched the first boats of the Club’s Micro Magics. After sailing in the very light air for a while we retired to the pub at the Reid Park Golf Course restaurant meeting their wives for a lunchtime celebration.

The images below of this momentous event are arranged vertically so that enlarged images could be shown.

Jerry Robertson (0), Bill Brown (yet to register his boat) and Jerry Walker (#58) on loan
The official launching of PMYC Micro Magics.
Jerry, Bill and I met with our wives at the local golf course restaurant to celebrate. At the table are Ada Walker, Mary Robertson, and Kathleen Brown)

Model Yachting near the Surf - 2017

Take a few moments to study this image. Yes, they are model yachts. And, that is real surf - somewhere in Europe I am told. Full disclosure: these are not Micro Magics.

Our Favorite Visitors - Spring 2017

The kids are the most open minded about sailing and they have spent their first years with some kind of game device in their hands. They take to sailing quickly.

Today started out just like any other sail day -- a light breeze and a half dozen PMYC members. When I arrived at the pond at about 11:30 there was a Mom and her 12 year old daughter: Zaily. I offered to let her sail my Micro Magic. Although with a little hesitation she said "Yes". I explained the relationship between transmitter stick movements and the boat movements, then gave her the radio. Within 5 minutes Zaily was making the boat go where she wanted it to go; well, at least most of the time. I discovered that this was not the first time she had had an rc radio in her hands. She has experience with an rc car owned by a relative. A half hour later, she still had the radio and was in another world. After a half hour it was time for her to move on to the next challenge of her life - the swings.

Another Favorite Visitor – Spring 2017

Lost my notes on this visit. But, the story is always about the same. The young folk take to the idea of the sailboat quickly.

Another Young Person - Takes an Interest in Sailing and gets the RC

A Visitors View of PMYC – March 2017

This past Friday, Eduardo Guerrero, a lecturer at the U of A, on spring break, visited us at the Reid Park pond.

Here are the pictures he sent to us.


Every Model Yacht Club needs a Fishing Trawler

In February, 2017, I obtained, on long term loan from John Albertson, a 36″ fishing trawler model offered by Dumas in 1988.

First Cruise - Feb. 2017
First Cruise – Feb. 2017
A 1980's era speed controller
A 1980’s era speed controller

Some six weeks later, my drama with the boat has more or less come to an end. During this time i have had two instances of incendiary flashes which filled the house with smoke. Once was when i replaced the two 6-volt lead-acid batteries and turned on the system for the first time. The source was, apparently, a short circuit in the back-in-the-day speed controller (see that pic below). 

The second time was when i wired an electron speed controller backwards — immediate flash and smoke. Now, after spending about $80. just to have a little fun with a new toy, it runs properly — well, almost. The speed controller is not quite properly matched to the batteries, but it comes close. Getting it into reverse can be a bit of a challenge but it will eventually go there. One would not want this challenge with a “real’ model boat maneuvering in close quarters. But, that’s not my situation.

The next step is to get it to the pond on Friday for a race against the Micro Magic and the Vics. 

The trawler won every race — superior starts, best speed on the course, skillful finish.

Very old fashioned speed controller for an electric motor in a boat. The next round of playing with this toy will be to replace a compatible motor and speed controller.

Model Yachts Retrieve an Empty Box from the Pond – May 2017

Conditions were a little breezy at the pond on Friday. During the frivolities, Bill Brown’s Micro Magic kit box top was blown onto the water. Two Victorias and a Micro Magic made repeated attempts to push the box back to shore, an upwind challenge. Finally, after about five minutes, it was decided among the box top’s would-be rescuers to push it to the other side of the pond – an easy decision because the wind was blowing in that direction anyway. The story ended well. The mighty little Micro Magic, skippered by Fred Secker, succeeded in getting it to the shore where Jerry Robertson was patiently waiting.

The waterway is again clear and sailing can resume.

Micro Magic (#58) teams up with a Victoria to retrieve the box.
It's just a box. But, left in the water it could become a hazard to navigation.
Jerry Robertson finally gets hold of it. One more bit of debris that will not cause an accident.

Micro Magic and Victoria, an Art Form

The image on the right began as the image on the left.

Photo by: Jim Haines
Photo by: Jim Haines
Photo by: Jim Haines
Photo by: Jim Haines. This image was created from the sailboats on the left using his secret sauce.

News from Jim Bankson in the Pacific NW

Jim Bankson of the Pacific Northwest, a now moved away PMYC member reported in on May 11, 2017.

In the lightest of light notes, he sent a pic from Puerto Vellarto. The in-crowd knows this town as PVR after its International Air Transport Code.

On a more serious note, Jim also included his home-made mold for his new US 1 Meter model yacht.

A Companion for the Ducks at the Pond?

This girl might have a tough time at the pond with those abusive males -- because of her petite size. On the other hand, she can hold her breath under water forever.

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