Micro Magic Model Yacht For Sale in Tucson, AZ

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March 30, 2018 – Micro Magic AVAILABLE for purchase


This Micro Magic is available for sailing today. It has been sailed by several of our skippers and they agree that this boat can win races. 

As we are always looking for ready to sail Micro Magics to make it easy for our members to get going quickly, we will leave the post here but indicated at the top of the page whether a boat is available at the moment. 

If you don’t want to build your own boat we can usually find one for you — somewhere in the USA.

Or you can buy a Micro Magic Kit and build it yourself. There is an abundance of knowledge in the Club to help you.

Perhaps you want the challenge of building a Micro Magic from a kit. Well, there are three choices. See the kits at the Graupnerusa website. The Micro Magic Race V2 kit is priced at ($190 – October 2018). it is a very well done kit but It is not for a novice builder. 

The building remaining is documented on this website. The advantage of an already built boat as represented on this page is that you can be on the pond the day you buy it. The third kit is the Micro Magic Race Carbon V2. We rarely see this model at regattas. Perhaps it is due to its pink sail. It does have the appearance of a carbon fiber hull; though it is just a very fancy paint job.

Micro Magic Model Yacht for Sale offered by the Pima Micro Yacht Club


This is a ready to sail/race Micro Magic with sails, servos and rc receiver/tranmitter.

Info about the Micro Magic:

International website – https://micromagic.info/?page_id=23

USA website – https://www.theamya.org/boats/micromagic/

 The package is a fully rigged boat with transmitter and receiver and batteries. (See the pictures at the bottom of the post


Experience the fun and commoraderie of Micro Magic model yacht sailing as a member of the Pima Micro Yacht Club

“Put a little Magic in your life”

If you are interested contact Jerry at 520-461-6473 or jerryw@pimamicroyachtclub.com

If you are interested in building your own Micro Magic model yacht take a look at our instructions for building from an Almost-Ready-to-Sail kit.

Micro Maagic Model Yacht - ready to sail or race - everything included

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