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Monday – February 11th
We had good winds and spirited races today. All sailed, but only the Vic’s were scored. We had 2 DF 65’s and one, MM.
We sailed the first 5 races at 2 laps, then shortened the course to 1 lap for the final 7 races.
We got in 12 races with 2 throw-outs.
Sue winters came on strong in the last 6 races, challenging Earl Olson for 3 rd. In the last 2 races, Sue scored a 2nd and 3rd, beating Jerry Robertson once, and nearly winning race 12 were Bob edged her out by a nose.
Earl did hang on to take 3rd by 1 pt., even with Sue closing in on him.
Jerry started strong with 3 firsts’ in the first 4 races, but Bob got it together and ran off 7 straight bullets.

Skipper of the day was Sue Winters. Sue started out slow and was in last place after the first 6 races, but put it into gear; nearly taking a 3rd.

Skipper # Total
Bob Spraker 26 12
Jerry Robertson 0 16
Earl Olson 00 38
Sue Winters 51 39
Gray Lee 17 42
Chris Winters — 47

Thanks All,
Bob Spraker

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