NOTE FROM BOB SPRAKER, originally appearing as an email to the membership on Feb. 12

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Bob wrote this on Feb. 12. It is a bit out of order on the Blog but I wanted it to appear for historical purposes. Jerry Walker

Bob said on Feb 12.:

To All:
I want to apologize for any confusion regarding this past Monday’s Vic scored regatta.
For the last few months, we have held regatta’s with a split into two groups; a silver fleet and a gold fleet.
This had mild success, but it had become apparent to me that we didn’t have enough boats to warrant a split.
On non-scored Mondays, I called it an “all swim” or “all Sail”. When I sent out the notice for this Monday’s scored regatta, I called it an “all sail”, referring to all Vic’s sailing as a single fleet, not thinking that to some others it would mean all classes of boats.
Well 2 DF65’s and a MM showed up to race. I’m fine with that, since the DF 95s and MM are at a great disadvantage to the Vics. The last month or so is the first time in years that we have had boats in the club that were not all one design. I’m all for greater participation, so all are welcome. However, in the future we will allow only class boats in a scored Vic or MM regatta.
With that said, all the current boats sailing are welcome to race on non-scored days with the Vics and MMs.
I say “current” boats because I want to limit it to the DF65s and MM. It can potentially get too out of control if we allow Seawinds, ODOMs, DF95s, etc.
I think the DF65 is the boat of the future. Sailable right out of the box and all spare parts available from Dragon Sailing. I can envision when we get several more DF65s sailing, that we will have a third fleet. Say from 11-1pm on Thursdays, just before sailing the MMs at 1pm. When we get to the 3+ boat level, I can see myself purchasing a DF65. At present, I see Vics on Mondays and if we get a DF65 fleet, I would prefer only Vics on Mondays.

When we have all boats sailing (Vics, DF65s & MM) on non-scored days, all boats sail under the SAME Rules. All boats have the same rights and obligations under the sailing rules, regardless of speed, size or sailing ability.

We can talk more about this on Thursday and again next Monday. I do not want to exclude anybody, but at the same time want to keep to a pure class on scored regatta days. We will have one Vic and one MM scored regatta per month.

Regards, Bob

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