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Well, it was a typical Reid Park fountain day. Winds were from 0 – 9 mph, with the usual 90 – 180 degree shifts. Most of the time the winds were out of the SW at about 3 – 5 mph.
Participation was a little light, with 7 skippers contesting the regatta. My brother-in-law, Steve Loehrer sailed my “#2 MM”, number 129. John and Jim Malmberg sailed the 1st race, though then retired, so I didn’t score either of them.
Every skipper had at least a second place finish; Jerry had 4 seconds and a first, Steve had 4 seconds, Hayden had 2 seconds and 4 thirds and Leland had 1 second and 2 thirds.
We sailed 12, one lap races with 2 throw-outs. Below is the final tally.
And as usual, Bob got all the shifts… just lucky again.

Skipper Sail # PTS
Bob Spraker #29 10
Jerry Robertson # 0 25
Steve Loehrer #129 29
Hayden Watson #357 34
Leland Dorrenbos # NA 39

My vote for Skipper of the day is Steve Loehrer. Steve has only sailed RC about 6-7 times and that at only about twice per year. With his limited experience he sailed a masterful regatta, with numerous great starts, beating everyone off the line several times. In one race he led wire to wire until the very end, when a lucky shift favored his brother-in-law (me) and lost by about 6” to Bob (that’s a male’s 6”, so you know how close that was).
Sunny skies again and another great day.

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