2019 Micro Magic Frostbite Regatta – April 13,14, 2019

Regatta Report - 2019 Micro Magic National Championship.

This significant national Micro Magic regatta was held in the Phoenix, AZ and sponsored by the West Valley RC Mariners Club.

The West Valley folk have provided the following write-up.

Additiionally, the Images at the end of the article were provided by Bill Brown, a member of the Pima Micro yYcht Club.



2019 MM Frostbite Regatta

Note. this write-up of the regatta was obtained from the West Valley RC mariners website. The URL to their site is: https://sites.google.com/site/westvalleyrcmariners/results?authuser=0. It is well into the evening so I could not obtain permission to use the narrative on the PMYC site.

Jerry Walker
PMYC Website Admin


Following article developed by West Valley RC Mariners.

On Saturday January 19th The West Valley Mariners hosted the MicroMagic Frostbite Regatta on Estrella Community South Lake in 60 degree temperatures with 4 to 6 knot westerly winds shifting to NNW winds as the day progressed. We completed 12 races with two throw-outs. Low point scoring was used.

A top notch field of 11 entrants made for a very competitive day of sailing. Every skipper scored a top 5 finish before the day finished. In the morning races Allan Vinson dominated winning 4 races with Mike Eades and Bob Spraker each winning one. The wind had now shifted from westerly to NNW so the course marks were reset to get away from reaching to more up wind, down wind racing. In the afternoon the scoring got really tight as Mike Eades won 4 of the 6 races and Bob Spraker won the other two. There were many, many “duels to the line” for position in every race. Overall, Allan Vinson hung on to win the Championship with 16 points followed by Mike Eades with 19 points and Bob Spraker with 26 points. The scoresheet and group picture are attached. 

Many thanks to Mike Doyle and Jeff Freeman who volunteered as judges and scoring for the entire regatta.

Jed Korthals

Race  Director

Note, I need to contact WVRC Mariners for an useable version of the race results image and the group photo (Jerry Walker, PMYC Website Admin)

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Victoria Class Arizona State Championship Regatta, March 23, 2019

The Weather and the Skippers

Under beautiful, blue, Arizona skies with just a smattering of wispy clouds, the first race started at 10:05. The typical variable and shifty winds kept all 10 skippers on their toes through all 12 races. Sometime guessing and often muttering,

The Winners

1st - Bob Spraker - Tucson
2nd - Ray Dagenais, - Mesa
3rd - Jerry Robertson, Tucon

 this amiable group shared some spirited competition. Skippers representing a latitudinal span from Alberta, Canada all the way to Green Valley, Arizona; and included a visitor from the Denver Colorado area. Two competitors and an observer made the short drive from Tucson, and an additional five skippers were present from the hosting club of Mesa. Racing until around 2:30, there were 4 different racers who nailed bullets, and 7 who had at least 1 top 3 finishes.

Kudos to the ‘middle of the pack’ skippers for the day (Kirk Welker, Al Wendler, Ken Hegy, and Dan Lucas). There were many times when several vessels were clustered tightly.  The inevitable calls for right away, and penalties for infractions were handled properly with a sound execution of many 360’s across the day. A special call-out for Skipper Robert Prievo, his persistence was admirable. While bringing up the rear throughout the day, he finished each and every race (he made certain there was “no boat left behind”). The entire group of contestants made this day of acting as Race Director a pleasure.

Who got the Hardware?

  1. Ron Roper, from Alberta, with 53 points edged out Kirk Welker by just 1 point to earn 5th place
  2. In 4th place, all alone, was local Rob Show with 32 points (his bullet was on the final race!)
  3. The battle for 2nd was tight with local Ray Dagenais scoring 24 to squeak by Jerry Roberson’s 26
  4. The day turned out to be a runaway for Bob Spraker, with a blistering score of 14!  He has an eye for catching the wind’s shifty variations, and keeps the boat moving.

Final Standings (Place – Skipper – Sail # – Points)

1Bob Spraker26 – 14

2 – Ray Dagenais4224

3Jerry Robertson026

4Rob Shaw – 7932

5Ron Roper4553

6Kirk Welker – 2054

7Ken Hegy30560

8Don Lucas8272

9 Al Wendler 50 82

10 – Robert Prievo1396

Respectfully Submitted,
Mark Kane
Race Director

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