Breaking news – February 18, 2019. The Pima Micro Yacht Club and the Tucson Model Yacht Club have Merged

On  February 18, 2019. The Pima Micro Yacht Club and the Tucson Model Yacht Club merged under the PMYC name. The combined membership will continue to race the two classes; Victoria and Micro Magic and the contents of the two websites will be combined in the PMYC site. Going ahead, we are also introducing a new class; the DF65 into the racing mix.

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Micro Magic
Micro Magic

PMYC History – 2010 – 2014

PMYC Beginnings

(Original by Bill Brown 2/18/2014 and modified by other members over time)

As with the birth of many special interest hobby and sport clubs, PMYC was born over three cups of coffee. On October 3, 2010, in the presence of a Monday morning coffee group, three individuals discovered that they had a common interest, if not passion. Bill Brown, was the past owner of six sailboats, and was actively crewing on a racing sailboat in the Seattle,WA. area. Jerry Walker, had, earlier in life, spent a significant number of years passionately club racing Olympic Class and smaller sailboats. Jerry Robertson, the third cup of coffee in the group, was/is nationally recognized for his competitive success in model radio control sailplane construction and sailing. With his yeoman mastery of model construction and RC control electronics, he rounded out the new clubʼs founding trio. Each individual brought to the table a nautically oriented interest in model sailboat construction, radio control, and competition.

 Bill Brown, the first Commodore, agreed to coordinate the direction of its three founding members. Jerry Walker enthusiastically volunteered to chair our publicity efforts. Since the club was founded in the Tucson community of Civano, it was decided to name the club: The Civano Model Yacht Club,CMYC. It was initially agreed that the designated club boat would be the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) sanctioned Soling 1 Meter. However, due to its 10 pound weight and heavy weather oriented characteristics, this decision was later reconsidered.

On the left are the first three yachts in what would become the Pima Micro Yacht Club, and it’s first two Soling 1M yachts owned by two of its charter members, Jerry Walker and Bill Brown.
On the left are the first three yachts in what would become the Pima Micro Yacht Club, and, on the right, it’s first two Soling 1M yachts owned by two of its charter members, Jerry Walker and Bill Brown.

With the start of the clubs first winter sailing season (2010-2011) and with Jerry Walker at the helm of our publicity effort, the club membership quickly grew to 11. One of our new members was Ryan Wilkins. Ryan, having previous experience with two other struggling clubs in the area, proposed that CMYC adopt the smaller, AMYA sanctioned Victoria as its club boat. This was done.  In November 2011, the rapidly growing club placed a blanket order for nine Victoria kits.

 At our January 2012 Monthly Meeting, it was recognized that our membership was extending well beyond the Civano community. It was at that meeting that those in attendance elected to change the name of the club from CMYC to The Pima Micro Yacht Club (PMYC). Also, at the January meeting we proudly displayed the first eight Victorias. Shown, left to right is Ryan Wilkins, the person who introduced us to the Victoria, Tom (need a last name), Keith McAlister, Fred Seckor, Jerry Robertson, Jerry Walker, Richard Mosby, Mead Almond, and Bill Brown.

Our newly named club needed to identify itself with a specific sailing pond. During the 2010 through 2012 sailing seasons, the club sailed on a variety of ponds in the Tucson area. Lakeside Pond, in the South East corner ofthe city, was the most frequented. It fell from favor, however, due to highly variable winds and accessibility challenges. The Sahuarita and Silverbelle ponds,while wonderful venues, were logistically too far for the membership to travel. Reid Park, with its centrally located two ponds, gradually prevailed. By the opening of the 2012-13 winter sailing season, the small lake at Reid Park was adopted. During the 2013-14 season, however, low water levels in the pond made it not navigable. The club opted to sail on the more desirable and larger Reid Park Pond. On January 2014, the large Reid Park Pond was officially designated the PMYC Club Pond.

PMYC has not grown without sustained interest and effort. Jerry Walkerʼs publicity initiatives included articles in the Star Newspaper, contacts with the City Parks Department, establishing official membership in the AMYA, and the development of a Yahoo Web site along with Jim Haines, . Bill Brown, with pictures and commentary, provided almost weekly communication for the membership. Jerry Robertson helped the “newbees” discover the world of glues, epoxies, aero/fluid dynamics, and radio control electronics. By the end of the 2012 sailing season, our membership had grown from 3 to 34 skippers; the largest active club in Arizona.

In January of 2014, both the Tucson Boys and Girls Club and the local Council of the American Boy Scouts expressed an interest in an affiliate membership in PMYC.

With the opening of the 2013-14 sailing season, Jim Haines, with JerryWalker, initiated the monumental task of establishing our own PMYC Website. The site was published in February, 2014. In the same sailing season, Jim took our club finances from a home shoe box to the world of formal banking and spread sheets.

At the November 2013 monthly meeting, a need for formalizing club officers and their respective responsibilities was identified. The offices of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary/Treasurer, and Race/Education Coordinator were established. Jerry Walker, Bill Brown, Jim Haines, and Fred Secker filled these positions respectively.

PMYC competition and education venues have grown and continue to expand. Fred Secker, with extensive use of current audio visual formats, compliments our monthly meetings with current and very appropriate building, and sailing information. Jerry Walkerʼs relentless pursuit of racing education and rule compliance has benefited the membership and has taken the club to the highest level of informed skilled seamanship. Individually, members of the club have actively contributed to the club’s organization, growth and direction.

The PMYC membership and current club officers enthusiastically offer to individuals, families, and the community an opportunity to discover the exciting and competitive world of micro yachting. In the process, you too are invited to contribute to the history of PMYC.

Tribute – A Story about our “Tribute” to Our Members Who Have Passed Away

During 2013, as best as I can recall, one of our members passed away, a first for the Club. Discussions began to identify a way to pay tribute to the deceased. At the same time, we were considering obtaining a Club-owned boat that could be offered to our pond visitors who wanted to experience sailing a model yacht. During our tribute deliverations someone suggested that our Club boat also be our tribute to our deceased members and that we put their names on the boat. And, another creative suggestion was to name the Club boat “Tribute”. Done and done. We had our tribute and we had our Club boat.  Its sail number is “T”.

So, you can see the results in the photos below.