PMYC Hosts the Tucson Jewish Community Center (JCC) Special Needs Group

August 22, 2016

Today we hosted a group of Tucson Jewish Community Center special needs folk at the pond. In addition to interacting with them, and showing them our boats, we provided everyone in attendance with ice cream. It was a big hit with our visitors. Our racing stopped for about 45 minutes as all of our members got involved. Yummy Life, a local ice cream vendor at Reid Park, supplied the ice cream treats.

PMYC's Jim Haines took an active role in the activities
Jim Haines and Dave McVey took an active role in the activities

Here is a brief description of the activity provided by its staff.

JCC mission: The JCC hosts the Taglit Day Program, which provides a small supportive group of young adults, with special needs, a full-day program designed to explore, cultivate, and maximize each individual’s potential. By emphasizing wellness, social action, education, and fun, we work to meet each individual’s unique needs through a program spirited by Jewish values and communal harmony. This day program for young adults, post high school onwards, is comprised of social, leisure, and vocational activities both in the community and at the JCC.