How do I register my boat?

Call the AMYA Class Secretary corresponding to your boat class. Click here for the Micro Magic. You can request and will usually get the last two digits of your sail number. Make an arrangement to pay for the registration (about $7). Your full sail number will be sent to you via email with instructions on how to use them. 

Building a MM – Model Yachting Magazine

 Model Yachting Magazine

Issue 159, 2010, Pat Buttersworth

This article contains hints and ideas for building. This document was scanned from the magazine. It’s images are difficult to interpret. But, if used with the Graupner instructions the images become more understandable.

Micro Magic Build Model Yachting #159

Issue #162 (entire issue), Winter 2010

The entire magazine was devoted to the Micro Magic. For the near future, you will have to find a Club member who has the magazine.

Summer 2017 Issue – Entire Mag.

Coming soon to your mail box if you are an AMYA Member.