Tribute – A Story about our “Tribute” to Our Members Who Have Passed Away

During 2013, as best as I can recall, one of our members passed away, a first for the Club. Discussions began to identify a way to pay tribute to the deceased. At the same time, we were considering obtaining a Club-owned boat that could be offered to our pond visitors who wanted to experience sailing a model yacht. During our tribute deliverations someone suggested that our Club boat also be our tribute to our deceased members and that we put their names on the boat. And, another creative suggestion was to name the Club boat “Tribute”. Done and done. We had our tribute and we had our Club boat.  Its sail number is “T”.

So, you can see the results in the photos below.





The Micro Magic (MM) is a fun little boat

The Pima Micro Yacht Club (PMYC) adopted the Micro Magic (MM) as its Club standard boat in February, 2017.

You can read about the Micro Magic at:

About the Micro Magic – from the manufacturer – Graupner

MM Class website

American Model Yachting Association – Micro Magic Class

More information can be found in the Building a Micro Magic post.

Racing Micro Magic V2 Kit image
Racing Micro Magic V2 Kit

Micro Magic Specs:

  • Length: 530 mm (21”)
  • Width: 180 mm (7”)
  • Mast height: 980 mm (38+”)
  • Sail area: 1550 cm² (240 sq. in.)
  • Weight: 860 grams (less than 2#)


Check on the Buying a MM post for more info.>/p>