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Class Rules & Get a Sail Number

Micro Magic Class Rules

You can read the MM Class Rules at the AMYA website.

Get a Sail Number

Call the Micro Magic Class Secretary (See info below). You can request and will usually your desired last two digits of your sail number. Make an arrangement to pay for the registration (about $7). Your full sail number will be sent to you via email with instructions on how to use it. 

Micro Magic Class Secretary
Greg Norris
PO Box 1413
Paonia, CO 81428
970 210-4112


The Micro Magic (MM) is a fun little boat

The Pima Micro Yacht Club (PMYC) adopted the Micro Magic (MM) as its Club standard boat in February, 2017.

You can read about the Micro Magic at:

About the Micro Magic – from the manufacturer – Graupner

MM Class website

American Model Yachting Association – Micro Magic Class

More information can be found in the Building a Micro Magic post.

Racing Micro Magic V2 Kit image
Racing Micro Magic V2 Kit

Micro Magic Specs:

  • Length: 530 mm (21”)
  • Width: 180 mm (7”)
  • Mast height: 980 mm (38+”)
  • Sail area: 1550 cm² (240 sq. in.)
  • Weight: 860 grams (less than 2#)


Check on the Buying a MM post for more info.>/p>