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The PMYC blog is an online journal or diary of PMYC news, knowledge, experiences with model yachting and racing.  Blog entries are typically short and timely and dated. And blog content on a topic can change over time.

A primary use we make of the blog is to record race results and current PMYC news.

In the past we relied on emails to convey information to all members. This worked well for the members at the time of the email. But it did not work at all for a person who joined PMYC after the email was sent or for a visitor to the site.

If most of our communications are in the PMYC Blog. it also solves the problem of communicating with future members.

Our Blog does not replace the instructional content of the site. That content appears on Pages. The menu provides links to topics of all forms that are presented on pages.

Each post to our blog is a piece of writing or other item of content published containing a publishing date. 

Posts are about our Club and its activities, events and decisions related to the Club operations.


Note that every posts gives you the opportunity to comment on it. The link for comments is at the end of the post.

Visit our Blog regularly and just look at the most recent posts to always be up to date about what is going on.